Organize Ourselves! Inspirations and ideas for self-organization and self-management

Monika Kostera


We have been led to believe that the commons met their tragic fate because they were outdated and ineffective as a way of organizing human economic and social activity. However, this story only makes sense if we adopt a severely truncated understanding of being human, shorn of insights from psychology, sociology, or ecology. This book proposes organizational ideas and practices born out of the archetype of the commons, as well as tools reclaimed, renewed, and recycled from the vast repository of modern management models. Capitalism is failing and we need to find a better way to organize ourselves, more humanely as well as in accordance with the ecosystem.


Monika Kostera is Professor Ordinaria in economics and the humanities at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland, and a professor in organization and management at Linnaeus University, Sweden. She is the author or editor of many other books and articles. She has worked in Polish, Swedish and UK universities. Her current research interests include imagination, alternative organization and organizational ethnography. She is a member of poetsa cooperative Erbacce Press, Liverpool.

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