Being and Organizing in an Entangled World: Sociomateriality and Posthumanism

Stephen Allen


In the face of ecological emergencies, this book explores and experiments with the meanings and implications of being and organizing in a relational world. From a position of vulnerable optimism, it attempts to engage in accessible ways with the typically inscrutable ideas of sociomateriality and posthumanism. The perspective of entanglement that is developed, and associated dilemmas considered, involve searching for possibilities of giving voice to voiceless more-than-human others. This book is about prompting imaginings of possibilities for responsible being and collective flourishing that can be hopeful for us all.


Video review by Dr Anke Strauß from the Institute of Advanced Sustainability Studies (IASS), Potsdam, Germany.

Video review by Dr Aviv Kruglanski from the University of Hull, UK.


Stephen Allen is Lecturer in Organization Studies at the University of Sheffield in Britain. By working at the intersections of ideas about sustainability, learning and leadership his interdisciplinary research explores how people make sense of and attempt to organize for socio-ecological sustainabilities. 

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